We chose Yonit to manage our apartment renovation project, which included demolishing from the ground up and rebuilding a 140 square meter area over two floors. Beyond Yonit’s proven capabilities in managing such projects, she is known for her excellent design skills in the Nordic style, the style we chose for the apartment. Yonit redesigned the layout and construction of the rooms, taking into account our specific needs and the many constraints on the site.

This was a complex project, both due to the time constraints we set and the many changes we requested during the process, and Yonit did a wonderful job! She was involved in every stage, down to the smallest details, patiently accommodated our quirks and meticulousness, and managed the project until its successful completion. Her high level of taste led to an amazing, precise, and inspiring final result.

Thank you, Yonit, for everything!

Yasmin Tager

I came to Yonit following a friend’s recommendation – we had a house renovation and redesign ahead of us. I have no idea what we would have done without her!

So many unexpected issues came up along the way, and Yonit helped us breathe deeply and solve all of them. With immense patience, she walked with me for days to find furniture, ceramics, to choose a kitchen, and bathroom accessories… It was important to her that everything matched our taste and fit within our budget. I can’t even imagine how I would have managed without her. Even in moments when I lost my patience, she remained calm – something incredibly important for getting through the process of building a house… I am grateful for this home, its beauty, the harmony between all its rooms – and the credit completely goes to her.

Noga Rothstein Yedid Tzion

Yonit is talented, professional, focused, and most importantly, attentive to us and our desires. She led and managed the entire process, from selecting the contractor to choosing the accessories. We felt as if she was solely focused on designing our home, though clearly she wasn’t… Thanks to her, we have a beautiful home!

Pnina and Ze’evik Toker

We greatly enjoyed working with Yonit because of her pleasantness, because she was always available for consultation, and because she had a lot of patience for our indecisions. Yonit saved us a lot of time and money – she worked with the contractor and suppliers and directed us to stores that fit our budget. Yonit was able to understand our style and match our taste; she had practical and creative ideas even for non-standard situations.

Naama and Shay Bernstein

Talented and amazing Yonit, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedicated work; our home turned out perfect!! Far beyond what we expected. Your close support and precision in finding unique items that match the home’s design style made the process an exciting and unforgettable experience. Even in moments when I was unsure of what to choose from the options, you knew how to give us space to feel confident with the result. In addition to your professionalism and your exquisite and uncompromising taste, you are amazing, and it’s fun to go shopping with you! We wish you continued creativity and many successful projects.

Karin and Yaron Zimmerman