Wonderful Online Stores for Buying Accessories for the Children’s Room

Each of us has our own way of dealing with what is happening now. The coronavirus crisis has shown us that there is truly a very diverse range of responses. There are those who decide to take advantage of the situation for impressive projects, some who find it appropriate to relax their efforts and focus on family, children, or Netflix. I am somewhere in between. I feel that it is not my time to achieve goals and conquer; it is important for me to relax from all the surrounding stress, to be here for my little ones – the departure from routine is not easy for them. On the other hand, I know myself and I know that if I let this period pass without any progress, I will be disappointed. Ultimately, the act of doing itself makes me feel good and distracts me from anxiety and frustration. So I choose goals that I can achieve: advancing with drawings for projects that were put on hold, creating inspiration boards… things like that.

For over two years now, I and Karen Bar (a friend and colleague) have been working on a digital course for designing children’s rooms. A month ago, we teamed up with Sharon Golan, who specializes in digital products, and this week we are finally launching it. It is a great, comprehensive, and structured course, accompanied by a dedicated Facebook group where you can share and consult with the three of us and with other members of the group. Designing the children’s room can be an excellent project for the coming month. It is completely practical, meaningful for the family, and will make both you and the children happy.

Photography: Shiran Carmel


One of the bonuses participants in the course will receive is a list of recommended online stores for purchasing accessories for the children’s room. In one of my recent blog posts, I already wrote about stores for children’s room furniture, and here I want to focus on accessories. If the furniture is the foundation of the room – the body, the accessories are the soul, and often they are what create all the magic. So I will share with you some of the accessory stores that are on the list. All the stores are from Europe or the USA and ship to Israel.

Just one more note: I admit that I really love ordering from abroad. Over the past year, and certainly due to the crisis, my environmental awareness has increased, and I strive to buy and recommend more local suppliers. This time the list will be about international stores and networks, and I promise you another great post about the options in Israel.

Photography: Shiran Carmel



Vertbaudet is a French chain of stores with a website that ships worldwide, including to Israel. The chain sells clothes and shoes for children and also for pregnant women, but on the website, you can find quality curtains, pleasant bedding, lighting fixtures, wall stickers (I usually don’t like them, but here they are lovely), and garlands. Shipping is free for orders over 220 shekels, but keep in mind that for orders over $75, you will be asked to pay taxes. When you sign up for the newsletter, you get a 20% discount, and for each friend you refer to the site, you get a 15% discount and free shipping. The shipment is done via UPS and arrives within 3-4 days by courier to your home.



If you don’t already know this chain, it’s worth exploring their site even in departments less related to the children’s room, but there’s no doubt that the nursery department is the best of them all. The Hut carries truly wonderful brands like BLOOMINGVILLE, PICCA LOULOU, DESIGN LETTERS, and especially THE KIDS CONCEPT, which I fell in love with on my last visit to Stockholm. The prices are relatively attractive for the brands themselves, and here too, it’s worth paying attention to the taxes. The shipping is done through Israel Post and costs 10 pounds or is free for purchases over 50 (it’s worth paying in pounds to get a better rate). There is a discount for first-time newsletter subscribers.

Photos: THE HUT


Crate & Kids is actually the new name for LAND OF NOD. It is a subsidiary of the more mature and classic CRATE & BARREL, but it is much more similar to its teenage sister CB2. What I love about their products is that even their children’s products are trendy and light. Abstract pictures, geometric garlands, and minimalist decorations that can blend just as well with the rest of the house. Their toys are full of creativity and enrich the imagination, and the products are super high-quality (things I bought from there when I was pregnant with Yali are still being used by Alma today – 8 years later). The shipping is not cheap, but it includes the taxes upfront, like other American chains.

Photos: CRATE & KIDS


This is also a subsidiary of a larger chain, which completely surpasses the original. Within the site, you can find links to the store intended for teenagers and the store intended for college, both of which have things that are suitable for children’s rooms. Apparently, Americans are not in a hurry to grow up. What I love about pbk is that there are toys that can serve as the design element that makes the whole room, like dreamy rocking animals, cool cars, and elaborate kitchens. You can see the shipping and tax calculation only after you check out, as the site uses the services of the shipping company border free.


Photography: Shiran Carmel

I sincerely hope that this period will pass easily and quickly, and maybe one day we will remember it nostalgically and think to ourselves that at least we came out of it with a designed children’s room and that overall it wasn’t so bad. You are welcome to join us in the digital course here and contact me with any questions