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So which group do you belong to? The investing mothers or the sinking mothers? After some hesitation, I thought about it and realized that I am actually a third type of mom: an investing and sinking mom. That is, my kids are truly the most important thing to me in the world, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them, but there will always be a few things that I could still do better.

I could cook healthier and more nutritious food, oh wait, let’s start with the fact that I could cook. I could take them to the park more often, if only there were fewer mosquitoes and flies. I could read them more books and watch less TV with them… this list never really ends, and for some, guilt is an essential part of motherhood, but I believe that every mom invests in her children in the way that is easiest for her to express her love.

Designing the kids’ room is my way. It’s not that without this decor their childhood would be less happy, but ultimately this is the way I enjoy giving to them the most, and I’m sure they feel my love for them in it, and that’s what’s most important to me: that they feel loved.

When Alma was three months old (six months ago, it’s unbelievable how time flies!), we moved her from the cradle to the baby crib in the kids’ room. I started working on their room even before she was born, but somehow I still had a few finishing touches to complete and wanted everything to be ready for the move. Do you know that feeling when you run out of energy just before the end? That’s what friends are for, and when they’re also on maternity leave with you, it’s perfect!

So I recruited Shira Ganni and Keren Bar to work. Yes, this is not our first post together and probably not the last… (and if you want to remember, you can peek here). So, on a wintery morning, the three of us and our three daughters gathered, and between cutting, gluing, breastfeeding, and formula, they also managed to produce this excellent guide here on how to paste wallpaper on a closet and this excellent guide here on how to create a gallery wall.

And one last, but sweetest, look at the three little ones who started some interaction between them… who knows, maybe one day they will produce some joint project together 3>

*The beautiful pictures of the room were taken by Shiran Carmel and the picture of our beauties was taken by Shira Ganni. If you are also nesting before childbirth, you should use the pregnancy calculator from Moms in Style.