I invite you to join me on a journey in which we will turn the place where you live into a home.
A place to live and to love.


Interior Design

I specialize in transforming spaces to reflect your vision and style. My process begins with in-depth personal consultations to understand your needs and preferences. From there, I create detailed work plans, prepare a bill of quantities, and guide you through material selections. With my guidance, clients save money, time, and energy throughout the project’s completion.

Home Decoration

Even without structural changes, a cosmetic update can have a significant impact. By choosing the right size and placement of furniture, stylish accessories and efficient lighting, you can transform your home. I assist you in deciding how you want your home to look and help make it happen, providing access to my curated list of suppliers and store recommendations.


For those unsure about a specific space or on a tight budget wanting to DIY, I offer a one-to-two-hour consultation at their home. I also provide a detailed report with recommendations for independent implementation. This service is perfect for getting expert advice on making the most of your space and ensuring your design decisions are on point.

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